10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Insurance Website

We have all seen and heard the nearly constant advertisements on television and radio by the big insurance companies. It seems that everywhere you look or listen, companies are promising big savings and discounts on insurance. As an independent insurance agency, it may seem like getting the attention of consumers is harder than ever, but there are several good ways to drive traffic to your insurance website:

1. Be Social

Social media as an advertising source cannot be underestimated. Create a business profile page for your agency on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Link the pages to your website to incentivize people to click on the link and go to the agency website.

2. Be Helpful

Create a monthly email newsletter with useful tips, information and statistics about insurance and how to handle common questions, claims and situations. Be sure to add several links to your agency website and then email the newsletter to your client base.

3. Be Knowledgeable

Add an “Insurance Information”, “FAQ” or “Articles” section to your website and populate it with helpful information and facts about insurance. Use plenty of SEO (search engine optimization) insurance keywords to increase your visibility on the search engines.

4. Be Creative

In addition to including basic search terms in your information and articles on your website, add other, more specific search terms that people might be looking for on the search engines. Think about the details of what your clients might need and add those terms as well.

5. Be Friendly

Visit local businesses and ask if you can leave some business cards or post your business card on their bulletin board. Participate in local family festivals and fairs and hand out flyers and business cards. Of course, remember to include your website on the business card.

6. Be Participatory

Find online discussions and groups that pertain to insurance and comment or offer useful information and provide your website link each time.

7. Be Big

Consider spending a little extra money and pay for ads on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing and other big search engines. This can increase your visibility and web traffic dramatically.

8. Be Willing to Ask

Ask your customers to spread the word as well. Offer a discount or promotional item to those who refer friends and family to your website.

9. Be Signature

Do not forget to create an email signature that automatically appears on the bottom of all your emails and includes a link to your website.

10. Be Bloggy

The insurance business is always interesting and there is so much to help others learn. Consider starting a blog with helpful tips and information and end each post with a link to your agency website.

What do you think? What other ways are you finding successful to get people to your insurance agency website? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.