4 Simple Secrets to Creating Powerful Email Content

Do you struggle when creating content for your insurance agency email marketing? While this technique has been utilized for some time, its effectiveness is largely dependent upon the content itself. It is time to put your creative thinking hat on to make your email content stand apart from everyone else’s.


Consider the following secrets for creating powerful email content:

  1. Grab their attention with your subject line.
    In many cases, the email’s subject line is the first, and only thing readers take a look at before considering clicking the ‘open’ option within their email account to read further. If your email’s subject line is basic and lacks creativity, chances are that your prospects will hit the delete button within a few short seconds. Choose subject lines that are unique, useful and urgent.

  2. Inject your emails with some personality.
    Address your readers by name when possible. Write content that engages the prospect in a more personalized manner. Speak as if you would if you were sitting across the table from them, removing some of the formality that is all too common in email marketing messages.

  3. Shake your content up a bit.
    Rather than simply choosing text content, include photos, video links and even infographics. Keep your emails short and to the point as well, as readers will often shy away from scrolling to read lengthy messages.

  4. Leverage storytelling.
    Entertain your readers with your chosen messages. Tie emails to current events, insert some humor and make the content relatable to your ideal target audience. When people are entertained, not only are they more likely to take action after reading the email, they are more likely to forward it to a friend!

By considering these simple secrets, you will not only improve the response rates from your email marketing campaigns, but your conversions.

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