5 Ways to Improve Your Insurance Agency Website

One of the most important features of any business these days is to offer an impressive, easy to use website. If your independent insurance agency website looks old, outdated or is not easy to navigate, customers will quickly move on to another insurance company and their website. Keeping a modern, appealing website is as important as any other business tool you might have.

Here are five ways to help improve your insurance agency website:

1. Visual Appeal

Look at the websites of other companies that you admire, use and respect, even those of your competitors. Take note of the kind of visuals and graphics they use, the kind of information and pages available and how easy it is to move around on the site. Then use the same approach on your own website.

2. Hire Help

Although there are many free website building applications these days, a formula website is obvious from the start. Spend the money hiring a website designer who can create a unique, appealing product that looks professional and is easy for people to use.

3. Offer Incentive

The more you offer on your insurance website, the more traffic you will get and the longer people will spend on the site. Make it easy for website visitors to find the information that they need regarding their account, how to sign up, information on different types of insurance that you offer, and answers to frequently asked questions.

4. Be Informative

Insurance can be confusing and complicated. Invest the time (or hire someone) to write articles about insurance topics that people will find useful and be sure to include plenty of SEO keywords so that the search engines pick the articles up in search results. Again, the more people turn to your website for information and help, the higher your website traffic will be.

5. Utilize Social Media

Social media is an important element to any modern business and website. Create a business profile page on sites such as LinkedInFacebook and Twitter and then add the site buttons to your website. Offer incentive for people to “Like” or “Follow” your page, such as a promotional item or discount when they click through to the social media site to your website or vice versa.

Your insurance agency website is a reflection of your business, so you need to make sure to invest the time, effort and energy to make sure the website is as modern, appealing and easy to use as possible. Hire website designers and writers if you need to and make sure that the website offers a professional, polished appearance and is useful for current and potential clients alike.