Apples New iPhone 5 Could Hurt Business For Your Agency

With all the hype of the iPhone 5 launch, there could be a downside for your insurance agency. With the new iOS 6 operating system installed on the iPhone 5, the Google Maps application is getting replaced by Apple’s own mapping app.


Why Does This Matter

How could this possibly mean less business for your insurance agency and less traffic to your website? Maps and searching for local information on mobile phones is one of he most utilized activities. When your’re traveling or driving around town and need directions or a phone number, most people look to their smart phone and do a local search for "your business name" or "insurance, your city". A majority of calls and website visits originate from Google Maps and Google Places. With the iPhone 5 not using the Google Maps app anymore, people using an iPhone might not find your business as easily.

What can You Do About It

One provider of local business information to Apple’s Map app is All you need to do is go to their website, search for your business and make sure your agency is listed in their database.

If you can’t find it, go to  and click the "Create A Free Account Now" button.

This bring you to 

Search for your business and if it is not their, you can add it for free, including a link to your site.  Yelp sends you a "please click the verification link" email. It may take a couple days for your business to show up in search results, but you an start adding business information to your page right away.

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