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It Isn’t Sexy, but My Partner and I Do It All the Time Anyway—Why We Blog.

Young couple working with laptopThere’s something to be said for the world of sales, especially when you are an insurance agent.  Not only do you get to help folks and make sure they are protected for difficult times that may come up, but you also get to know your clientele.  As an agent, you network, you shake hands, you have coffee with customers who become more like friends, and there are some of you insurance agents out there who can’t leave a meeting without being hugged by at least a couple of other people in the room.  For those of you who are natural extroverts and dynamic and social, the Continue Reading

Insurance Agency Websites – So Your Nephew Builds Websites?

Insurance Agency Websites…why you should run in the other direction now, and other online business truths

We’ve built websites for years, and—of course—like many other businesses, we solicit work from the people who can use our services, in this case for insurance agencies.  As with any sales program, some folks who we seek out as potential clients for our web design business  have objections that we need to overcome in order to build a good working relationship and help them build their brands online.  One of those objections seems to come up again and again.  It usually comes in the form of, “My nephew/golf partner/college roommate/next-door-neighbor /etc. builds websites.  I’ll just let him take care of it.”

The truth about insurance agency website designers

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