The #1 Trick to Get More Traffic: Meta Titles and How to Write Them

HTML ScriptWhether you have designed and manage your own insurance agency website, or trust a great website professional to do it for you, you need to know some basics about website creation and management. If you don’t understand the foundational elements of good website design, you can’t ask your website designer if he or she is meeting the specific standards you need to get your website found by potential insurance clients and customers. While other articles on this blog will discuss a number of foundational website design elements, perhaps the most important tip we can give you as an insurance agency owner is this:
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Why Insurance Website Templates are Killing Your Business

websiteSo, you’re an old insurance agent who needs a new website, or you’re a new insurance agent who needs a new website—it doesn’t really matter.  You’re looking to build a brand online and you need a great website to do that, a vehicle to get your message across to existing and potential clients that looks professional and polished.
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DIY: 10 Savvy Social Media Ideas You Can incorporate into your Agency’s Marketing Plan Today

Social media conept in word tag cloudA social media presence for your insurance agency is nothing short of a must-have. You, as a business owner or leader, already know how important social media can be when it comes to insurance sales and marketing. Chances are that it’s also a piece of the puzzle you’re missing when it comes to marketing your insurance agency’s products and services.  Knowing that you already have enough on your plate, we’ve compiled ten sure-fire social media tips to help get you and your insurance agency started.  Doing it yourself with social media is a great way to get involved with your community and to connect with your customers.  Here’s how:
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How to make it fun for you and your staff to go to the insurance office everyday– don’t forget the donuts!

Making the Office FunSo, you manage an insurance agency.  How are your days at the office going?  No, really…  Do your employees enjoy coming to work every day? Are they bored to tears?  Do they hate it altogether?

Work is… well, it’s work.  Work isn’t always fun and all of us who have been in the real world understand that there are times that we won’t love our jobs, but here’s a secret that successful insurance agents and their managers know:  Making work fun for your staff goes a long way towards productivity!
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The perfect insurance agent pitch in 60 seconds – Working the chamber breakfast.

Elevator PitchI’m the first to admit that I have a strange affinity for networking meetings.  A lot of people cringe at the idea of mingling with a group of strangers who probably want nothing more than to sell them something—I revel in it.  The truth of the matter is that if you have a great elevator speech—a 60 second insurance agent pitch—networking meetings will soon become a lot less miserable, and with any luck at all, a lot more profitable for you!  In fact, you can use your pitch in a wide variety of environments with great results.  Let’s take a look at the best places to give your insurance agent pitch, how to make an effective pitch as an insurance agent, and how to end your pitch successfully. Continue Reading