Does Insurance Email Marketing Really Work?

While advertising seems easy for many large insurance companies, smaller independent insurance agencies often struggle to increase and maintain visibility in the public. One common marketing technique utilized by small and large companies alike is an insurance email marketing campaign, which sends customers information, promotions, sales or other content via their email address. Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective ways to keep top of mind awareness and communicate with prospective, current and past customers.

The question that many owners have is just how worthwhile an insurance email marketing campaign really is. The answer is that it depends on how the email marketing campaign is handled.

Here are a few tips:

1. Clean It Up

Avoid the temptation to blindly send the email campaign to everyone you have ever known. People will quickly delete or ignore an email from a recipient they do not know or one that contains information that they do not need. Use your own customer list and consider purchasing a targeted email list from marketing companies who can narrow down the list to specific demographic groups.

2. Request Permission

Sending out an email newsletter or regular discounts is appealing to many people but it helps to ensure that they want to get the information first. Offer an “Opt In” area on your website to let people provide their contact information and email address to be added to your regular mailing list and be sure to offer them something in return for doing so.

3. Remember the Basics

Always remember to include the basics in your email marketing campaign, such as your insurance agency’s website, address and contact information. People may forward the email to friends and family but it will be of little use to anyone if there is no contact or company information included.

4. Make it Pretty

Spend the time (and money, if necessary) to design an attractive, professional email marketing campaign. It should be pleasant to look at, simple and easy to understand and appealing to customers.

5. Keep it Professional

Check the content several times to ensure that there are no misspelled words or poor grammar, as this strikes people as unprofessional and turns people off quickly.
In addition, make sure the content targets your audience, is relevant to their interests, and needs. Avoid superfluous information or crazy designs and fonts.

An email marketing campaign can be useful and profitable but as with any other business tool, it requires careful use, preparation and execution in order to maximize results.