Enterprise grade spam & virus protection

Features of AgencyEagle.com

Why Enterprise spam and virus filtering with us –

  1. High capture rate recognized (IMMEDIATELY)
  2. User Interface (customer portal)
    1. You can turn this on for executive levels etc.
    2. Enduser can white/black list can trump the corp or vice versa
    3. 7 day quarantine
    4. Daily held report
  3. Global granular held report (countries specially)
    1. Human Spam logic is one of the ONLY ones left 24 hours a day.
      • 2500 spam rules written by real people per day.
  4. 30 day mail bagging included
  5. Real time Virus protection included
    1. Using 3rd party feeds
  6. 30 day free trial no commitment (we can extend the trial if needed)
  7. No contract unless you want it.