How To Generate Your Own Insurance Leads

Working for yourself definitely has its benefits. After all, you are the boss and this is your business, so you get to run it the way you want. However, one of the drawbacks of owning your own insurance agency agency is that you do not have a big corporate machine churning out leads for you.

Nope, getting leads is something that you will have to do on your own, but here are some smart ways to generate your own leads:

1. Website Works

A smart, polished and easy to navigate website is an incredibly powerful tool in the insurance business. Make sure your website is attractive and easy to use so that people who find your site will want to stay.

2. Newsletter Nuances

Write a weekly or monthly newsletter with plenty of current, interesting information about the insurance industry that people can use. Then send it to your client list and post it on your website, with an “opt in” feature for new visitors to receive the newsletter regularly once they provide you with some basic contact information.

3. Start Speaking

Speak up and tell your clients that if they were happy with your service, you would greatly appreciate them spreading the word to others. Offer up something as a gift for every referral, such as a discount or promotional item. You would be surprised what people will do to get a free coffee mug.

4. Social Network News

If you have not gotten your insurance agency up and running on the social networking websites, get busy ASAP. Set up a business profile on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and add a button for those sites on your website. Get people to “Follow” or “Like” your site and offer up the same item or deal that you do for a referral. Then remember to post interesting, smart comments and posts on a regular basis so that you maintain a visible profile among your community.

5. Local Latitude

Spend some time walking around to nearby local businesses and hand out your business card. Ask if you can post your card on their board or leave some near the cash register. Perhaps you could offer a discount to businesses who allow you to promote your business with them. In this way, you encourage other local businesses to help you out and vice versa.

Increase your visibility in your neighborhood as well as on the internet and you will find that generating your own leads is actually pretty easy.