Leveraging SEO Techniques to Drive Qualified Insurance Leads

If you are looking to compete in the competitive online landscape for qualified insurance leads, you need to understand how to effectively drive consumers to your insurance agency website. While some of the major brands may spend a fortune for ‘paid traffic’, you can gain your share of online consumer traffic through the use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Start with your Website

To begin, review your site’s current tag usage; H1, H2, and titles. Review your meta description; is it accurate, appealing and detailed enough? Or, is it simply generic? Next, review your site’s content for the inclusion of targeted keywords. While you should never stuff your content full of keywords, you should identify and incorporate keywords that your ideal lead would likely enter into a search engine to locate companies such as yours. For example, you may consider insurance quotes, affordable insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, etc. As you consider keyword phrases, be sure to incorporate your location to boost local search results. i.e. California car insurance, etc.

Create a Local Presence

In addition to incorporating keywords that include your local target market(s), you will also want to further define yourself locally. Incorporate local descriptions, case studies of local customers and even customer success stories into your content. Many consumers will choose larger brands that also have a local presence over brands that seem to only have an online presence.

Communicate/Post Regularly

In addition to establishing strong content on your site’s primary pages, it is important to post fresh content regularly. Blogs, forum threads, newsletters, and press releases can all add value to your site. In addition to posting new content on your primary site, you will want to share this content with your social networking communities. Post the URL links to any new content posted to stay in front of a broader audience base.

With a few simple steps, you can make SEO techniques work for your insurance agency!

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