Instant Certificates

Self Service Certificates of Insurance and Tracking

If you have commercial clients, you know the burden and workload that insurance certificate requests have on your staff. By using our instant certificate solution within CAROL, you can free up several hours per day of your agents’ time and provide instant service to your most valuable clients.
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Features & Benefits

Happier clients

Construction – It’s 10:30 at night, and your construction company client needs an insurance certificate for a big job the next morning. Don’t make them wait on your staff. Let them get the certificates they need, when they need them.

Trucking – Trucking insurance certificates are constantly issued as new customers come online.  Let your trucking companies do what they need to do to run their business…but still know what is going on in their business.

Learn how for 99.00/month you can benefit from our unlimited certificate services system.  Ask for a free demonstration account.

Competitive advantage for your agency

We don’t have to tell you insurance is a competitive industry. Help your agency stand out, and promote self serve certificates to win more large accounts.

Less work for your agents

Make sure your agents are being as efficient as possible with their time. Let them spend time doing what helps your agency grow which is bringing in new business.

Allow access to clients you choose

You have complete control over which clients have access to self serve certificates.

History of requests for tracking and review

Every certificate that your client creates is saved and stored for future reference. Email notifications are also sent to you and your client.

Download and print or email

Once your clients submit the required certificate holder information, they have the option to print the certificate, save it to their computer, or email it to the required party.

Available 24/7

Unlike your agency’s office, your certificate service is available 24/7 whenever your clients need.

Secure access

Don’t worry, your data and your clients’ data is secured with a dedicated server and SSL encryption, the same level of security used by online banking.


How It Works Overview

  1. Take two minutes to upload a certificate template for any client that wants to use the system.
  2. Client can login 24/7 and create a certificate to download or print.
  3. CSR receives an email notification, and all certificates are saved within CAROL.
  4. View A Sample Certificate

Get Started – You can be up and running in 24-72 hours!

What Will Your Do With Your Extra Free Time?

Let your commercial clients create their own certificates.