Insurance website marketing – What Are the Minimum Tools My Agency Needs For Online Marketing?

There are a lot of opinions in the marketplace about what tools agents need to deploy a successful online marketing strategy. Much of this “noise” comes from providers wanting to sell you products and services. Other information comes from industry “experts” and other well-wishers. So, what are the minimum internet marketing requirements for independent agents and agencies?

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Insurance Websites and How to Make Social Media Work for You

The Internet is changing our world each day. Gone are the days of opening your morning paper to read the news, checking community announcements, and scanning over the classifieds. Today’s consumers are turning on their computers, netbooks, and even mobile phones to read through the news headlines, do web searches for topics that interest them, and get information on everything from doctors to lawyers, and what daycare to send their kids to. In other words, this ain’t your mama’s Internet anymore.

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