What is PPC Advertising and How Does it Work?

If you want to have a strong online presence for your agency, you have likely started looking into website marketing. If you already have a nice insurance website, what you need now is more traffic. You may have heard terms like SEO and PPC, but what are they and how do they work?

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is a method that many companies use to gain access to more traffic for their website. PPC requires you to choose words, phrases or keywords that people might type into a search engine that would allow them to find certain information. By choosing the right PPC keywords, you could get quite a few visitors to your website and gain access to more potential clients.

PPC Explanation

PPC ads on search engines have titles, headings, and short descriptions that help the reader focus on the site that it represents as well as the item being marketed. These ads can be created rather simply. You will need to think about the specific words you want included in your ad and you will also need a bid price. The bid price is the price that you will pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.

Determining Your Bid Price

The number of people you expect to visit your site can help you decide how much you should bid. If you have competitive terms attached to your target words, you will have to bid higher for the ad in order for it to get shown to searchers. The higher the bid the higher the position of your ad on the search results page. You will also get a quality score based on the relevancy of your ad, so you will want to make sure you have a high quality ad in the first place. If you get a good quality score, you can big lower in your relevant keyword range.

Why Does PPC Work?

PPC marketing is similar to SEO campaigns in that it includes keywords and competitive analysis as well as constant monitoring by a number of people. In order to get the maximum return for the minimum cost, you will want to keep an eye on the results yourself. PPC is cost effective and also a very fast way to generate traffic on your website. The SEO process, on the other hand, only improves rankings and traffic only after months of work. With PPC, you might see results in a matter of days.

If you have never used any type of PPC advertising before, it might be a good idea to hire a company that understands how it works. These companies not only generate working PPC ads for you, but they can also track some of the results so that you know you are getting what you paid for in terms of traffic and leads.

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