What is search engine optimization?

When you go to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing or any other online search engine and type a question, keyword or term in, you get a list of related links in response. These links are listed in terms of relevant key words that match your search term. Most of us automatically click on the first few links instead of searching through the many pages of results offered.

The same is true for most people who are searching for insurance-related topics or questions and therefore search engine optimization (SEO) is an important tool for insurance websites as well as other businesses. SEO is the practice of using commonly used search engine terms on your website to make it more likely that your company website will come up in the top search engine results. As such, the more often that your website comes up in search results, the more likely it is that people will click on your website instead of that of another company.

When used as a marketing strategy, SEO can increase your audience and visibility. SEO techniques often include editing the content on your website pages to increase the number of SEO keywords and changing the HTML source code to increase specific keywords.

Another way to incorporate SEO into your website is to add an ‘Information’ or ‘Articles’ page and stock the page with useful articles about insurance terms, topics and questions. Use plenty of SEO keywords in these articles, but do not force the keywords in artificially, as this tends to turn off users who realize the content only means to increase traffic instead of provide useful content. Be sure to update the content frequently to maintain optimized searching. You might even want to consider starting a blog or offering a news feed for daily newsletters or updates.

Another popular SEO technique is to cross-link the pages on the website to add more links to important information and pages on the site and increase the possibility of ranking high on the search engines.

If you are not sure how to increase your SEO on your insurance company website, many consulting and marketing firms are more than happy to help you out for a fee. However, start with your website designer and ask for help optimizing your website and adding lots of informational articles and tips on the site.

Remember that creating and updating an effective and popular business website takes time, effort and money. However, you can increase your client base and maximize your visibility with effective SEO techniques.