It Isn’t Sexy, but My Partner and I Do It All the Time Anyway—Why We Blog.

Young couple working with laptopThere’s something to be said for the world of sales, especially when you are an insurance agent.  Not only do you get to help folks and make sure they are protected for difficult times that may come up, but you also get to know your clientele.  As an agent, you network, you shake hands, you have coffee with customers who become more like friends, and there are some of you insurance agents out there who can’t leave a meeting without being hugged by at least a couple of other people in the room.  For those of you who are natural extroverts and dynamic and social, the give-and-take that comes with being an insurance agent is rewarding – and it’s fun!

So why in the world would you consider taking precious time out of your day—out of the time you spend interacting with your insurance agency’s customers and friends—and let’s not forget making sales—to sit down at a computer and type for a minimum of thirty minutes each and every day?

Blogging is something that most insurance agents aren’t in any hurry to do.  Let’s face it, blogging is boring, and tedious, and to do any good at all, it has to be done almost constantly so that you can build an online presence for your insurance agency in hopes that a few sales leads may follow.  It takes lots and lots of precious time away from selling insurance, and it surely isn’t as direct as a handshake and a smile.

It isn’t sexy, but my partner and I do it all the time anyway.  This is why we blog:

    Blogging helps your SEO.

     When people type search terms into search engine fields, like “Insurance Agency Knoxville,” the search engine (i.e. Google or Yahoo or Bing) returns a number of options for the internet user to choose from.  The search engine puts links to those websites it considers the best at the top of its listings.  The more good blog posts with great content we can provide for your website, the better your insurance agency website will rank in searches over the long term, and the more easily you will be found.  By creating great content for your insurance agency’s blog, we will help bolster your sales in the long run.  The better the posts on your blog; the better the results for your business. sikisxxx porn

    Blogging feeds social media.

    It seems that everyone is on Facebook and/or Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest these days.  For those of you who are fairly social media savvy, you may even have your own insurance agency business Facebook page up and going.  Good job!  So, by a show of hands:  Which of you posts interesting stories every day?  Which of you get tons of “likes” and “shares”? Which of you has had a post go viral?  No?  Let us give your Facebook page some natural fodder by using the material from well written blog posts tailored especially to you.  A single, well-written blog post can provide a number of social media posts, include images that can engage your audience, and even help you start conversations that lead to real sales and loyal clients.

    Blogging gives your company character.

    A blog is a lot like an autobiography—and you can think of us as the experienced authors who can help you make your books fly off the shelves.  We’ll create solid blog posts that reach out to your audience and show your effort to connect with them. We’ll help your readers feel that they have found a friend or at least a knowledgeable acquaintance that can give them a hand.  Ideally, the reader of your insurance agency blog will come away with some helpful or practical information—something valuable.  Suddenly, your insurance agency becomes the reader’s friend, and you begin to build a brand that fosters relationships with clients and potential clients.  Want to be known as a “good neighbor” in your community?  Want to be known as the agent who stays in the loop with vanguard technology? Want to be labeled the hometown hero?  Let us help you create a blog that builds the brand you want.  Blogging is a great way to mould your business reputation and to create the very buzz that you want.

    Blogging can make you known as an expert in your field.

    This point goes hand in hand with the last, as a good blog lets the world know that you are good—no great—at what you do as an insurance agent!  Blogging adds to potential client confidence by telling your audience that you are aware of breaking news stories and have a genuine concern for the community, along with great ideas that coincide with your brand.  Ongoing, quality blog posts tell your audience that you know plenty about your market and industry trends, and can use that information to help them as clients.  Great blogging almost shouts, “Look at me.  You want to be part of this.”  It’s what good blogging companies do for their clients, bringing in people who will be loyal and well satisfied by educating them first. Goto itrade man site for details on tradesman.

    Blogging helps you connect with your audience.

    Blogging is about creating ongoing conversations, an important factor for your business—and that’s tough.  New material, or good conversation around material that has been around for a while, can be hard to come by.  The great part about a real blog is that it is interactive, and the great part about a good blogger is that he or she can engage with your audience and keep them coming back.  Once you’ve established a brand as an expert, we’ll open things up and invite questions and comments from your readership!  We blog because blogging is an invaluable tool, and blogging lets you in on what your audience is thinking while encouraging them to share their insights—helping you be a better agent and to better market to your target audience as you build your brand.

Oh, alright, blogging with all of these goals in mind is a pretty tall order… after all, you need lots of intelligent, relevant content to send your website to the top of Google’s search results, use your posts for Facebook tidbits, come off as an insurance guruvisit website, and connect with real, potential clients who see your articles and have questions that can turn into revenue.  It sounds lovely, but how will it ever work – especially when you still have hands to shake and coffee to drink and Chamber of Commerce breakfasts to attend while you get to know those potential clients in the real world?

That’s where a great web design team and writing service comes into play.  Give your insurance agency an edge on the web by letting us do that content writing and blogging for you find more about workers compensation attorney san diego.  We focus on great material that supports and enriches your business, so you don’t have to. Let us help you get to the top of Google and Bing.  Let us help boost your social media results by linking to great posts.  Let us position you as an expert in the field of insurance.  Best of all, let us help you connect with real, live customers by starting conversations and keeping those potential clients engaged.  It’s the most important part of your online presence—and while it may not be sexy, it certainly has teeth.  Blogging works, and that’s exactly why we do it. Check cherrymodels.