How Much Does An Insurance Agency Website Cost And What’s Included?

Modern business conceptAlright, so you’ve decided that your new or even your established insurance agency can benefit from a professionally crafted website.  Maybe you have a website that was great a few years ago but is now a little outdated and not creating the customer response it once was.  Maybe you’re a brand new insurance agency and you need a great site to help build your new business.  Either way, the prospect of choosing a website designer can be daunting and so can the cost.

If you’re like most insurance agents we’ve worked with, you’re wondering:  How much is a new website for my insurance agency going to cost me? This article will address that for you, and it will tell you a little bit about the marketing services you can add to your plan to make your insurance agency even more successful.  We’ll break down the costs on those too.

Let’s start with the initial website design and build.  Building a great site is imperative to your online reputation, and your site is certainly the cornerstone of any virtual business goals that you hope to achieve.  Whether you’re the new kid on the block needing to establish a strong web presence or want to build a killer site that brings new clients to you, we have packages to suit your needs. Check tubeporn.

The Starter Package

At AgencyEagle, our Starter Website Package begins at just $1000.00 with an ongoing monthly website plan of just $99.00/month.  These are beautiful, well-designed sites that are perfect for budding insurance agencies who want to set a professional tone and be noticed online.  Your custom agency website design and five pages of unique content are included. Check goodbye instagram.

Our starter websites also include secure online forms, help with renewals and cross-selling, integrated tracking, client request history, custom homepages for individual clients, and great interactive services for customers like the ability to request quotes, report claims, ask for policy changes, and ask for auto ID cards.  They can also request custom certificates and bonds.  You’ll have access to an online content manager, will be able to take advantage of form submission auto responder emails, and will appreciate customer form conformation pages.  There’s even an option for a client newsletter and basic email marketing.

The Basic Package

Our Basic Website Package costs $2,250.00 with an ongoing monthly website plan of just $149.00/month and works well for more established agencies who need more than just a great online presence.  If you require lead generation, this is the package for your insurance agency.  It includes custom design and fifteen pages of unique content that touts the benefits of buying your products and services to potential insurance agency clients.  In addition, we provide up to ten hours of extended support services to help get you on your way to great results with your new site.

Our basic package also provides a live chat option, email marketing options, and will certainly feature an interactive blog that ties into your social media sites and offers great bang for your buck, visit site .

Want more for your clients?  With the basic package, AgencyEagle can also give you features like instant certificates of insurance and the ability to send documents via your agency’s website directly to your clients.

The Advanced Package

An Advanced Website Package is priced at an ultra-reasonable $3000.00 with an ongoing monthly website plan of just $199.00/month.   In addition to providing a beautiful custom design for your insurance agency, this package offers up to thirty pages of custom content and up to 17 hours of support services to ensure that you and your insurance agency’s staff are knowledgeable and comfortable enough with your new site to take full advantage of all of the benefits it offers.

In addition to the live chat, social media interactions, and email marketing options provided by AgencyEagle’s Basic Package, the Advanced Package offers the possibility of custom written blog posts and interactive features for your customers like client surveys and electronic check processing.  This option is also very call-center friendly and can be a great fit for even the largest insurance companies.

The Custom Fit Package

Of course, if none of the above will suit your purposes, your insurance agency can certainly opt for a Custom Fit Package, priced from $4K to $15K, with an ongoing monthly website plan of just $200.00+/month depending upon the à la carte services you need.

All of our sites are built with WordPress and are made to be search-engine friendly, so that when potential clients search for an insurance agency in your area or area of expertise, your business is found.  We promise professionally written content and a mobile friendly design for those who may try to find information on the go, and we’ll also help you track who comes to your site, from where, and how long they tend to stay, giving you some great marketing insights. Find janitorial service charlotte nc.

Once you’ve established a great site, choosing a monthly marketing plan is a great way to keep your online presence going strong. Marketing can consist of a range of activities designed to bring clients to your doorstep.  Whether it’s a great newsletter with content designed to strengthen the professional relationship you have with existing clients or direct marketing online to bring new clients in, we’re here to guide you and help make you successful.

The Starter Marketing Package

AgencyEagle’s Starter Marketing Package is designed for local insurance agencies and helps your business target new clients within your local area.  Perfect for new insurance agents and those who like to keep their businesses small and personable, the Starter Marketing Package runs between $600 and $1200 monthly.

For those insurance agencies who function on a regional level and want to bring in clients from multiple states, we offer a Basic Marketing Package for $1,200 to $5,000 per month.  This package will allow you to reach a broader spectrum of clientele and will help you compete with other regional insurance agencies.

The Advanced Marketing Package

Agency Eagle’s Advanced Marketing Package is made to fit nationally competitive insurance agencies and ensures that your business becomes notable across multiple regions.  We’ll help you negotiate direct marketing processes targeting people from a variety of areas and backgrounds.  The cost of the Advanced Marketing Package ranges from $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 monthly.

The Custom Fit Marketing Package

Need an even bigger marketing package?  We can create a Custom Fit Marketing Package to help take your business to the next level and leave the competition behind.  At $15,000 per month, the Custom Fit Marketing Package will be tailored to you and your business objectives and will help you meet and exceed your goals in a very big way.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, please contact us today to find out where your insurance agency fits on the spectrum and what options will best suit your individual business’s needs and goals for the future.  We’d love to schedule a consultation to learn more about you, your business, and where you see your business within the next few months and years. Then, we’d love to help you develop a plan to get you there and even farther.  A few simple questions can open up so many doors for you and your insurance agency, and we’re excited about all of the possibilities.  Call today.