Internet Marketing

A Better Way to Attract Insurance Leads

Let’s face it: the Internet has drastically changed how companies advertise their products or services and has empowered consumers. Today, people want to be engaged. They want to feel as if companies care about them individually. They want to be “attracted” to what a company can offer them and feel as if their time and money wasn’t wasted on long term loans. And with the Internet right at their fingertips, they can afford to feel this way.


Why you need it

Insurance agents looking to generate new business cannot afford to ignore the change. If you want someone to choose you as their agent, you need to show them why, but simply showing them an advertisement won’t cut it. You have to Continue Reading

Should I use SEO or PPC to get traffic to my insurance website

Every website is unique in that it offers something different to those who view it.  When you are starting an insurance website, you need to know how to generate leads for quotes. When people request quotes, they get a better idea of what your insurance company can do for them. When they get the details they need, they will more likely buy a policy from your company to represent them for their insurance needs.

When it comes to getting traffic to your Continue Reading

10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Insurance Website

We have all seen and heard the nearly constant advertisements on television and radio by the big insurance companies. It seems that everywhere you look or listen, companies are promising big savings and discounts on insurance. As an independent insurance agency, it may seem like getting the attention of consumers is harder than ever, but there are several good ways to drive traffic to your insurance website:

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