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How Much Does An Insurance Agency Website Cost And What’s Included?

Modern business conceptAlright, so you’ve decided that your new or even your established insurance agency can benefit from a professionally crafted website.  Maybe you have a website that was great a few years ago but is now a little outdated and not creating the customer response it once was.  Maybe you’re a brand new insurance agency and you need a great site to help build your new business.  Either way, the prospect of choosing a website designer can be daunting and so can the cost.
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Why You Should Use Hashtags In Your Direct Response Ads

HashtagI realized when writing the title of this article that there would be quite a few of you out there who would be confused from the get-go.  You’ve been running an insurance agency, not a social media outlet, and while you’re all about getting your business to grow by using the latest and greatest technology, there’s a good chance you have very little, if any, idea (1) what  a direct response ad is, and (2) what a hashtag is.  (If you’re the parent of a teenager, you may know something about hashtags, though, and I’m going to explain why you’re kids are using a brilliant concept.) Continue Reading

Why Insurance Website Templates are Killing Your Business

websiteSo, you’re an old insurance agent who needs a new website, or you’re a new insurance agent who needs a new website—it doesn’t really matter.  You’re looking to build a brand online and you need a great website to do that, a vehicle to get your message across to existing and potential clients that looks professional and polished.
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How to make it fun for you and your staff to go to the insurance office everyday– don’t forget the donuts!

Making the Office FunSo, you manage an insurance agency.  How are your days at the office going?  No, really…  Do your employees enjoy coming to work every day? Are they bored to tears?  Do they hate it altogether?

Work is… well, it’s work.  Work isn’t always fun and all of us who have been in the real world understand that there are times that we won’t love our jobs, but here’s a secret that successful insurance agents and their managers know:  Making work fun for your staff goes a long way towards productivity!
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