Website Pricing

STEP 1: Choose A Design & Setup Level

  • Starter


    Best for budding businesses on a budget that still want a professional site.

    • Custom design
    • Starter set of pages with custom content
  • Enterprise Advanced


    Best for businesses serious about success and taking it to the next level.

    • Custom design
    • Complete custom content
    • Online Shopping Systems
  • Enterprise Custom Fit


    • Get exactly what you need on an à la carte basis.
    • Includes intensive training options for engagement

STEP 2: Choose A Monthly Website Plan


Optional Step 3: Choose Any Monthly Marketing Plan

A monthly marketing plan is optional but highly recommended to generate more leads and drive traffic to your site. You choose your monthly budget, and we choose the best combination of services and techniques to meet your goals.

  • Starter


    • Best for businesses targeting their local area.
  • Advanced


    • Best for businesses targeting national keywords and competitive markets.
  • Custom Fit


    • You’re approaching rock star status. We’ll take you to the next level.

Optional Step 4: Choose Any Monthly Support Plan

Monthly support is included with your hosting (up to one hour per site hosted). If your business is ever-changing and you aren’t quite ready to hire full-time weekly help for updates of text, graphics, photos, and event posts, this option is for you! Even though our systems are easy to maintain for the DIY crowd, sometimes things break or you just need help with formatting. Once again, we have this solution for you!

We even offer this service for sites that we DON’T host! Feel free to share this with folks that may not have a website with AgencyEagle but occasionally need some help. We don’t mean to brag, but we can fix most anything.

  • Starter


    • Best for businesses that feel they will need more than the included support and would like an extra helping hand on their website.
  • Advanced


    • Best for businesses that change content every other day or have many offices needing support in one centrally managed team. Our virtual support team fills those shoes.
  • Custom Fit


    • You’re a thriving business that needs a custom quote for website support and maintenance without incurring the personnel costs associated with hiring a full-time staff. Or, you may need a burst of heavy support for a month or two and then need to taper off. We can handle this volume with ease, and we have a variety of assets from graphic artists to programmers ready to help your business!

A Few Of The Features We Offer

Professional Unique Design
Built With WordPress
Search Engine Friendly
Client Blog
Unlimited Pages
Professionally Written Content
Social Media Setup
Mobile Friendly
Visitor Tracking
Domain Name
Email Hosting Accounts
Live Chat
Email Marketing
Custom Written Social Media Posts
Custom Written Blog Post Of 500+ Words
Support, Updates & Consulting


What if I don’t like the site? Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee on any website setup.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade, or change plans at any time.

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