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We have experience in taking US-based small manufacturing and distribution companies to the national and international stage of new customers.   We can help companies work with multiple currencies and even multiple country shipping destinations.   Language translations can also be a challenge that we can help with on shopping systems.

ERP systems can be integrated with your online shopping system to create a one stop shop for orders, shipping, payment processing, and order management, all safely and securely.

The Rest Of The Story

Remember that once a great shopping and ERP system is built and a product and brand is setup for global success, that is not the end of the story.  You must build a closed loop marketing system to ensure future sales and track to the Nth degree the value of your marketing dollars.

Call tracking and international inbound numbers will prove to be the key that really helps your company succeed from local US based marketing efforts to new international marketing.

International Magento Commerce Shopping Sites

Using Magento commerce as our shopping system is a key to our success.  The new ownership of Magento by is further proof that Magento is a system that will be used for many years ahead to drive sales and track orders.

If you would like to talk to us about a shopping system and a marketing plan for your manufacturing or distribution company, please contact us today.   We look forward to making your future bright.


Communication is so important to building a great system of marketing.  We use our video and shared screen access (uses our international in-country phone numbers) conferencing system.  Our meetings with your professionals across the globe can help us build a marketing site that meets all your needs.

Contact us today for more information about the shopping systems and inbound marketing we can provide for your company.

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