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Learning from Moses is the best way to get the 10 commandments…

Generally it is best to go to the source.  In our case we consult with experts in the field of interest that we have.  This means many times we go to SES conferences, listen to podcasts, watching online presentations and the best way, consult directly with an expert in the field.  We take all the approaches to our web development and marketing company. It’s not just going the extra mile learning in our industry is our passion. Click this

Today I want to talk about the expert in back-linking Eric Ward.  (Eric is know as “link Moses”)  We met Eric almost 3 years ago in Chicago at an SES show there. He was a speaker at the show regarding backlink building. We were shocked that he lived only an hour away in our nearby big city of Knoxville, Tn.  We enjoyed his talk and subscribed to his $8.00/month newsletter (yeah, a no brainer)

We believe in the value of organic search engine  projects and we know that a key to cracking googles organic structure is back linking…big time.  While our backlink building projects for our customers is much built on Eric’s advice we wanted to go the extra mile. We were please as punch to have an ongoing consulting relationship with him. Check on, spor90.

I can’t tell you what a great value a few hour-long sessions per month, one-on-one with Eric Ward is.  Not only is he completely transparent in his approach to back link building but he even shares his tools as he goes visit website.  If you don’t catch everything in your session, no worries…  He records the whole session and emails it to you after you are done. See more info at prestige painters of houston.


Eric has helped us develop our web marketing company as a real back-linking and organic SEO marketing company.   Learn more about Eric Ward’s services or contact us for a chat about our organic back linking search campaigns.

Shawn Wilmoth, Partner