Internet Marketing

How To Use Social Media To Get More Referrals

People Happiness With Speech BubblesSocial Media is an important part of many companies’ marketing strategies, and if you’re not correctly implementing social media into your insurance agency’s business, you are missing out on a great device that will drive more referrals. More than 50% of small to medium-sized businesses use their social media presence to get referrals and generate new customers, and if you aren’t on the list, you should be.
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Why Insurance Website Templates are Killing Your Business

websiteSo, you’re an old insurance agent who needs a new website, or you’re a new insurance agent who needs a new website—it doesn’t really matter.  You’re looking to build a brand online and you need a great website to do that, a vehicle to get your message across to existing and potential clients that looks professional and polished.
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DIY: 10 Savvy Social Media Ideas You Can incorporate into your Agency’s Marketing Plan Today

Social media conept in word tag cloudA social media presence for your insurance agency is nothing short of a must-have. You, as a business owner or leader, already know how important social media can be when it comes to insurance sales and marketing. Chances are that it’s also a piece of the puzzle you’re missing when it comes to marketing your insurance agency’s products and services.  Knowing that you already have enough on your plate, we’ve compiled ten sure-fire social media tips to help get you and your insurance agency started.  Doing it yourself with social media is a great way to get involved with your community and to connect with your customers.  Here’s how:
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It Isn’t Sexy, but My Partner and I Do It All the Time Anyway—Why We Blog.

Young couple working with laptopThere’s something to be said for the world of sales, especially when you are an insurance agent.  Not only do you get to help folks and make sure they are protected for difficult times that may come up, but you also get to know your clientele.  As an agent, you network, you shake hands, you have coffee with customers who become more like friends, and there are some of you insurance agents out there who can’t leave a meeting without being hugged by at least a couple of other people in the room.  For those of you who are natural extroverts and dynamic and social, the Continue Reading

Insurance website marketing – What Are the Minimum Tools My Agency Needs For Online Marketing?

There are a lot of opinions in the marketplace about what tools agents need to deploy a successful online marketing strategy. Much of this “noise” comes from providers wanting to sell you products and services. Other information comes from industry “experts” and other well-wishers. So, what are the minimum internet marketing requirements for independent agents and agencies?

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