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Why Real, Live Super Heroes in an Automated World Matter: Human Spam Filters


Did you really think Milk is worse than smoking?
At the time of this writing, the above was common spam that was making it through most spam.

We’ve all opened our virtual mailboxes to find ridiculously, and not so ridiculously, titled emails from those who would, at best, waste our time, and, at worst, take financial advantage of our supposed naivety. Spam is not only annoying, but there are times when it can be dangerous, especially for users who aren’t necessarily street smart on the internet, so to speak. Spam can even be a malware carrier and do damage to your computer or the information stored there.

The truth is, if you use any major email or blogging service, there’s a good chance you’ve never even see most of the spam that’s sent your way, and you never it see because of your email or blog company’s spam filtering service. When you do receive a spammy message, it’s because something snuck past through the filter. Continue Reading