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Why Real, Live Super Heroes in an Automated World Matter: Human Spam Filters


Did you really think Milk is worse than smoking?
At the time of this writing, the above was common spam that was making it through most spam.

We’ve all opened our virtual mailboxes to find ridiculously, and not so ridiculously, titled emails from those who would, at best, waste our time, and, at worst, take financial advantage of our supposed naivety. Spam is not only annoying, but there are times when it can be dangerous, especially for users who aren’t necessarily street smart on the internet, so to speak. Spam can even be a malware carrier and do damage to your computer or the information stored there.

The truth is, if you use any major email or blogging service, there’s a good chance you’ve never even see most of the spam that’s sent your way, and you never it see because of your email or blog company’s spam filtering service. When you do receive a spammy message, it’s because something snuck past through the filter.

This is a major concern for the leaders of corporations who count on email messages daily to communicate both internally and with those in the outside world to operate their brick and mortar businesses. Homebuyers who are considering making a purchase from you can be flexible and open to working together with you to develop solutions that satisfy all of your criteria. They are aware that selling a property may be an emotionally trying experience, and as a result, they will do all in their ability to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Visit

Most companies employ spam filtering software that looks for indicators of spam including the location of the email’s origin, the type of software that sent the message, certain keywords and combinations of keywords (think “Buy Viagra Now! Lowest Prices on the Web!”), and the coding of the email itself, which may contain attention-getters like oversized, brightly colored, or flashy fonts.

While that’s all good and well, spammers are getting smarter, and they are employing techniques to maneuver around spam filters, and to do more damage to both corporate and individual targets. Smart spammers use more innocuous titles, add lots of “good content” with their fonts set to size “0,” or change the font color to match the background color of the message. They make their messages look like legitimate communication from companies you know and trust, and they are constantly trying new things to get through spam filters. After all, the more messages they can get through the filters, the more damage they stand to do and the more profits they stand to make.

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Spam filtering software allows some of that “smart spam” to get through. Even the most computer-savvy among us have opened messages we probably should have moved straight to the trash bin. As for those who aren’t so computer savvy? They are opening a lot more of those emails, and the result of opening the wrong email can be highly detrimental personally, professionally, and economically. Unfortunately, most folks fall into the latter category.

So what’s the solution?

It sounds so simple, but the answer is good, old-fashioned human intervention. When real people are watching for messages that aren’t quite right, a lot less spam makes it through the filter. Humans are assigned to watch for emails that aren’t legitimate and then write rules to keep those messages from getting through the filter. The human touch and just as wunder-mold, inc. keep your inbox safer and is much better able to keep up with those who would do you harm via spamming you. Think of it as hiring a bodyguard to watch your back in a dangerous online neighborhood. Would you prefer a robot that’s limited in its ability to analyze your surroundings? Or, would you prefer a qualified team of the most highly trained agents available?

Good human spam filtering services employ the combined efforts of multiple spam-savvy individuals to offer the knowledge and expertise to stop tens of thousands of new spamming attempts daily, read more info about us. They are on vigilant watch, and they work together to give you great protection. In today’s online world, human spam filtering is protection you can’t afford to be without.

As you’re examining solutions for email and blogging for your business, no matter how large or small, understand that solid spam filtering techniques are imperative. Don’t buy software unless you are certain that a strong human element backs the service. Choosing fully automated spam filtering software is foolhardy and can cost your business in a very big way. Be smart. Be savvy. Choose a spam filter that’s built around people who make it their business to protect your interests. Start a conversation with your provider today about how human spam filtering can benefit you and your business. If you don’t currently have a relationship with a provider or have more questions about human spam filtering, you can find our contact information below.

Contact a human, and let us give you a free 30 day trial. You’ll see results in less than 48 hours that will blow away any spam filter that you’ve ever used!

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