An Interactive Solution to Turning Leads to Clients

Although the internet provides more opportunities to lose your identity as an anonymous insurance agent and become a trusted friend, it comes with one major caveat: how do you make content about insurance compelling?

It is a daunting and seemingly insurmountable problem – a task requiring enough creativity to trouble Pablo Picasso. It needn’t be, however, as there is a simple way to side step the problem: interaction.

“Hi Ben! How’s the baby?”

Many agencies treat online lead nurturing like offline lead generation. They think of their Facebook page, for example, as a one-way flow of information to clients and prospects. Done well, you’ll be providing a valuable service. Done badly, it can be viewed as spam. But either way, to do this is to misunderstand the spirit of social media.

You should view the internet as a chance for you, as a company, to interact with people publicly. This is the new revolutionary feature that social media provides, and a significant opportunity that you do not want to miss.

Successfully Nurturing Leads Online

How can you use interaction to shake off the salesperson facade? The answer is simple and refreshing: be friendly and helpful.

This can be as mundane as wishing people a good morning, making a comment about the weather, or venting frustrations about your football team.

In terms of insurance, you can respond to people’s needs. There are dangers people need to be made aware of, news they need to be kept up-to-date with, and questions they need answered. And this can all happen as part of a discussion with the larger online community, rather than a drip-feed of information. Check alcohol rehab for alcohol abuse arizona.

And most comfortingly of all, none of these things require more creativity than you’d need to overcome the resistance faced during a cold call.

At its heart, the strength of nurturing leads online is the opportunity for extra openness and to provide value. As you provide value, prospects get to know you, both as a company and as a person. This builds authority and creates trust.

Know Your Prospects

Another benefit of interaction is that you get to know your prospects and clients better. With a better idea of their needs and desires, you can provide a better service and in turn have more meaningful interactions with them.

Building an online presence might seem like a lot of work, but it is a great way to invest in your future. Each extra hour spent builds on the previous hours, putting you in front of more fresh eyeballs and creating more trust among prospects and clients. It can even lead to that magical phenomenon where a new lead comes to you ready and willing to buy!

Action Steps

The internet is changing the expectations of prospects. With site , you have the opportunity to make prospects more familiar with you, making you easier to trust. You can develop this trust online in several ways:

  1. Answer questions in short social media comments or longer blog posts.
  2. Start discussions to educate prospects on their insurance needs.
  3. Share details about your life – don’t hide behind a corporate image.

Developing leads online is becoming increasingly important to all companies, whether they’re in insurance or not. Those agents that don’t adapt will find it increasingly difficult to get new clients, as their competition use the superior trust-building tools of the social media and the wider internet.