Focus Online Marketing Strategies in your Local Region

While some large insurance companies have mastered the concept of selling insurance online, many agencies don’t have the resources for a national campaign or the desire to compete on such a large scale. Instead, these local insurance agencies should focus their attention to a specific geographic area. Local seo for insurance agencies has one of the highest returns on investment and works by focusing online marketing efforts for local search success.


Long-Tail Geo-Specific Keywords

Modify your current list of identified keywords and phrases to include the specific local markets you are targeting. For example, insurance agency Denver, CO, term insurance San Francisco CA, life insurance Miami Florida. Consumers often type in these long tail keyword phrases when they are seeking specific information or quotes within their locale. Incorporate long tail (3+ word search phrases) geo specific keyword phrases into your website’s content to gain a larger piece of your local market.

Narrow Search Competition

Another added benefit of incorporating geo-specific keywords into your company’s online content is narrowed search competition. For example, if your ideal customer would likely enter ‘insurance quotes’ into a search engine, several million hits may appear. And, it is unlikely that your company’s site would appear near the top. However, if the consumer were to enter in “insurance quotes knoxville tn”, maybe only 50,000 hits would appear and your site stands a chance, if optimized correctly, of appearing organically on the first search page that appears.


Observe your insurance website activity through your analytics dashboard. You will be able to see which keywords are increasing traffic and where it is originating from. If keyword phrases aren’t effective, make small modifications, wait and observe, and then modify again if needed. With proper data through software analytics, you can see what is working and what isn’t working for your agency.

Geo-specific focused keywords and phrases is a simple method for improving not only the quantity of traffic generated for your agency’s site, but the quality. In addition to focusing your attention on national lead generation, you can narrow your lead capture results to specific market areas that you are looking to dominate.