10 Things An Insurance Agency Can Blog About

If you read my last post, you should remember that one of the best things that you can do on your independent insurance agency website is create a blog and make regular posts. Blogs draw both current and potential customers to your website, establish you as an expert in the field and increase customer loyalty. Since my last post, I’ve gotten a couple emails from agency owners about not knowing what to write a blog post about and not being able to think of worthy topics. Here are a few basic ideas to create your insurance blog posts. Ibuyers purchase residences regardless of their condition, rendering them advantageous. They will make you a fair offer regardless of the condition of your home. Visit

1. Life Insurance

What are the little things most people do not know about life insurance? For example, what happens if the insurance company cannot get in touch with the beneficiary of a life insurance policy? Talk about the lesser-known aspects of life insurance policies.

2. Homeowners Insurance

Talk about situations that might raise or lower homeowner insurance rates. Let your customers know what to expect when it comes to their home insurance policy and what might cause it to change.

3. Medical Insurance

For many people, medical insurance is a necessity but a confusing one. Explain the different policy types and what makes each kind of health insurance policy ideal for different people. In addition, explain some of the common terms and acronyms.

4. Auto Insurance

Help your consumers realize the different terms and types of automobile insurance, including the right kind of insurance for different segments of the population. Explain why and how to find a well-priced policy with good coverage.

5. Smart Shopping

Be a good friend to potential and current customers and explain how to shop around for the best possible insurance policy. Explain what they need to look for and how to find it, but remember to follow your own advice and offer exactly what it is you are advising them to seek.

6. Big Mistake

Without divulging any personal details or information, talk about mistakes that you see people making when it comes to insurance policies. Talk about how to avoid the same mistakes and why those mistakes ended up costing people extra money and headaches.

7. Best Practice

Conversely, talk about the best way to get insurance, what smart people look for and how people can avoid common pitfalls. People appreciate being knowledgeable and everyone wants to get the best deal for the best price.

8. FAQ

Compile a list of the questions that you are asked the most often and then write out the answers in detail.

9. News

Most of your clients are not in the insurance business themselves, so keep them updated on recent industry news and developments that may affect them.

10. All About You

Increase the connection between you and your clients by updating them on what is happening in your agency. Staying in the know and feeling connected to you will only help increase customer loyalty.

Too busy to write blog posts?

If you’re like most insurance agency owners, you know you need to blog regularly but you’re too busy and can’t find time (even though we think you should make time). We’ve got you covered. Just click the get a quote or contact button at the top and we can create blog post ideas as well as write 400-500 word blogs for you each week or month.